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Where heaven and earth seem to meet. In the peace and quiet of the Sierra de Gredos, embellished by the waters that run through and give life. The visitor will find a beautiful little town as it did centuries ago the Emperor Charles V who was captivated by the beauty of its landscapes.

Guijo de Santa Bárbarais a village of high mountain accommodations. Located in formaprivilegiada northeast of the province of Cáceres, on the south side of the Sierra de Gredos in the Comarca de la Vera, 870 meters; so it becomes one of the most beautiful villages in Extremadura.

The charm of its green landscapes with lush vegetation, among which is all kinds of fruit tree and shrub.

Gorges with natural pools of clear water as Trebuchet, Stake, Bridge and Calajomero. Her chapel-shelter of Our Lady of the Snows and the Celtic style spotting huts atop the Sierra.

It connects the village with its typical stone houses and adobe as the architecture of the area, including the district of Viriato (who chose this place of unparalleled beauty for their nuptials).

His stone Bullring and church of the seventeenth century vaulted adobe Mudejar style; with their sources manatiales fresh and clear water flowing everywhere.

And to finish off his charm and know the essence of the tradition, we have the famous, typical and famous Liqueurs, with and without sugar Jams, Syrups and Vinegars Fruit 100% Natural. Processed according to family tradition, which you can taste and buy lovely shops in the "Casa Alonso - Sabores del Guijo" of Guijo de Santa Barbara.

The essence of a tradition, beating the challenge time comes to present day.

The authentic and genuine Liquors, Syrups and homemade jams of Guijo and La Vera.

The authentic and genuine Liquors, Syrups and homemade jams of Guijo and La Vera.



           - Route Trebuchet:

The puddle "The Trebuchet" is a natural pool that is approximately 1000 meters altitude and is accessed from Guijo walk through a path Cobblestone 2.7 kms. which runs parallel to the throat.

The difficulty of the route is low. In total (round trip) does not exceed 5.5 kms. or 1.30 hours duration.



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